100b Victoria Road, Devonport
Auckland, New Zealand


All items in stock at the National Chess Centre, 100b Victoria Rd, Devonport. Open by appointment.

Plastic Chess Sets & Vinyl Boards    
Rest assured that all of our chess sets are Staunton-pattern, the classic design first manufactured in London in 1849 and the only permissible design for chess competitions. See our Club Starter Packs for special offers for Clubs & Schools.
Tournament Chess Set (solid plastic pieces, board & box)   $34
Champion Chess Set (weighted pieces, board & box)   $42
Grandmaster Chess Set (triple-weighted pieces, board & box)   $49
Tournament - pieces only (solid plastic)   $16
Champion - pieces only (weighted)   $24
Grandmaster - pieces only (triple weighted)   $31
Club Starter Pack A (4 x Tournament Pieces & Boards)   $96
Club Starter Pack B: (4 x Tournament Pieces, Boards & Boxes)   $120
Club Starter Pack C (8 x Tournament Pieces & Boards)   $176
Club Starter Pack D: (8 Tournament Pieces, Boards & Boxes)   $224
Ultimate School Starter Pack:
4 Tournament Sets (pieces, boards and boxes), 1 DGT Easy Plus chess timer, 1 copy of CHESS FOR CHILDREN, 20 x chess scoresheets
Luxury Magnetic Travel Set (with zip-up carry case)   $55
Vinyl Board (roll-up, 510 x 510mm)   $10
NCC Chess Box (for storing pieces)   $8
Chess Clocks / Digital Game Timers
These are the real thing - official FIDE (World Chess Federation) approved clocks, manufactured by DGT. Can be used for other two-player games, such as scrabble.
DGT Easy Plus Chess Timer (home & club use)   $78
DGT XL Chess Timer (used in tournaments worldwide)   $139
Books for Learning & Improvement
CHESS FOR CHILDREN (Chandler & Milligan) 112 pages, hardcover. Teaches how to play chess.   $26.95
HOW TO BEAT YOUR DAD AT CHESS (Chandler) 128 pages, hardcover. Teaches standard checkmate patterns   $26.95
CHESS TACTICS FOR KIDS (Chandler) 128 pages hardcover. Teaches recurring tactical motifs   $26.95
CHESS OPENINGS FOR KIDS (Watson & Burgess) 128 pages hardcover. A guide to starting the game   $26.95
CHESS PUZZLES FOR KIDS (Chandler) 128 pages hardcover. An advanced puzzle challenge   $26.95

Postage costs for mail order
Equipment: $8 postage for order value up to $80. Orders over $80: add 10% of order value to cover postage.
Books: if ordering just 1 book, $5 postage. Otherwise as per equipment postage costs above.

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