Grandmaster Chess Set

The GRANDMASTER Chess Set, with roll-up vinyl board and box for pieces

This lovely set features the same craftsmanship as our "Champion" set, with the added bonus of triple-weighted pieces. Of particular design note is the broad and stable bases of the pieces - a diameter of 45mm in the case of the King.
The green and white vinyl chess board has an individual square size of 57mm, appropriate for this size of chess set. The overall board dimensions are 510mm x 510mm.
Also supplied is the NCC Box with printed lid, for storing the pieces.
King height 95mm
Impact-resistant plastic
Classic Staunton-pattern style
Bespoke box for pieces
Two spare queens
Felted bases
Piece colour - choice of Natural and Black, or Ivory and Black
Full set weighs 1200g
Suitable for all home & competition play

Grandmaster Chess Set
Colour choices: natural and black above; ivory and black below.
Grandmaster Chess Set - ivory and black

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